1. Design & Engineering
    This is where it all BEGINS. We have some of the best designers in the industry will take your ideas and transform them into a sign you will be proud of. We work with property owners and city planners to maximize the impact your sign will have. Let our experts help you bring your vision to reality.
  2. Fabrication
    Quality, Quality, Quality ... that is what you get from Active Sign Innovations. We use the best material currently available to ensure you receive the BEST custom sign available. That is why we feel comfortable offering a 1 year limited warranty on all parts and labor. We go to great lengths to give you a better product.
  3. Installation
    Proper, effective and efficient installation takes doing your homework on the builduing and components. Walking the site i something we at Active Sign Innovations do as standard operating procedure. We want to install your sign quickly, with the utmost cleanliness while maximizing its visual potential.
Experience that Counts

Having completed projects of all types and sizes, our designers, fabricators and installation teams are dedicated, creative and detail oriented.  Over the years, we have  built a fantastic reputation and outstanding portfolio filled with signs of all types from channel letters to Monument and Pylon signs.

Contact our offices in Orange, CA, at 714.263.9933 to speak with one of our Sign Concultants about your upcoming project.